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We revolutionize the way bioinformatics tools are engaged, and ensure you find the best tool for your research needs
The web has nowadays become an integral part of scientific research. However, with countless bioinformatics resources sprouting online every day, locating the best, most relevant and updated tool is a daunting task.

We experienced this frustration first hand, and decided to make things easier – for us and for all researchers. That is how the idea was born.

Our vision is to completely revolutionize the way bioinformatics tools are engaged online, and create an amazing user experience.

LabWorm is an innovative platform intended for conveniently finding, organizing and ranking these resources and tools, and for promoting social communication revolving them. Social engagement is an integral part of our DNA, LabWorm allows you to share your knowledge with others so that together our community will become the ultimate source for the latest research tools.

So go right on, visit LabWorm.com