Machine Learning in Biology?… 3 Impeccable Tools 😮


We know machine learning can seem daunting to biologists…

Traditional Scientific Method

  • Human observation
  • Modeling using prior knowledge
Big Data Era” Includes

  • Collect LOTS of data
  • Automatically generate LOTS of models

And so how exactly does Machine Learning fit in with Biology?

Let’s take a look…

1. miRNA Cancer Analyzer
Machine-learning based system to help physicians diagnose and recommend treatments for 21 different types of cancer.

How it works?
Simply input data on 60 common miRNA molecules expression levels, as well as clinical data (age, gender, and ethnicity), and then it spits out a diagnosis.

2. Kaggle
Platform for companies and researchers to post their data, and statisticians and data miners compete to produce the best models.Major Prize money to accelerate research!
Kaggle is currently hosting a $1M competition to improve lung cancer detection with machine learning.
 3. OpenML
Explore machine learning better, together. For the curious, for science, and for scientists!
What if you could spend more time doing actually research?


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