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Top 5 Browser Extensions – For the Scientist! ??

Become a more efficient scientist while browsing… These Top 5 Browser Extensions are handy, easy to use, and there when you need them!

Browsers extensions have become popular tools for productivity and enhancing user experience while surfing the web. Now these extension tool are also penetrating the scientific audience and offering many ways to save research time and improve productivity. Here are a few such extensions collected by LabWorm:

Grammarly does real-time correction of grammar, spelling, and text readability.  It is a perfect tool for scientists since it has several built-in types of academic document styles to which it adapts the writing style.

HiPub automatically recognizes, annotates, and translates biomedical entities from texts into networks for discovering knowledge.

Lazy Scholar automatically fetches information and helpful shortcuts when you navigate to any scientific paper.

With unpaywall, click the green tab and skip the paywall. It’s fast, free, and legal, powered by their database of millions of author-uploaded PDFs.

Ferret adds extra features to online publications, such as summarizing the data, and annotating different proteins, and other elements.

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