Top online tools for exploring Human Anatomy ?️??

Who needs a cadaver when LabWorm can provide you with the tools to learn more about human anatomy without even leaving your computer screen?

Here are Top 5 Tools to help you, whether you are a student, teacher, or medical professional!

1. Explore the human body like never before! With hundreds of interactive anatomy pictures and descriptions of thousands of objects in the body, InnerBody will help you discover what you want to know about human anatomy, right here at your fingertips.

2. Zygote offers a 3D anatomy library so you can download any anatomical model you need to illustrate or animate, and within minutes, you’ll be able to begin creating beautiful, photo-real 3D graphics with Zygote’s amazing blend of medical precision and high aesthetic quality.

3. BodyParts3D is an anatomical dictionary where terms are defined by 3D morphology of referents, and it serves as a kit to build custom 3D manikins

4. Use H-ANGEL to display human gene expression data across 40 distinct tissues and 7 different platforms!

5. There’s more to anatomy than just muscles and organs… use the NIHHuman Microbiome Project to characterize microbial communities found at multiple human body sites and to look for correlations between changes in the microbiome and human health.

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