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Comparison of TCGA (cancer Data) to healthy tissue using firebrowse

Aurel Anzinger

Undergraduate at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Comparison of TCGA (cancer Data) to healthy tissue using firebrowse Oval 17

Hi there!
Is there the possiblity to compare TCGA Data with Data of healthy tissue using FireBrowse, like XenaBrowser does it with the TCGA Dataset and the one of GTex? If so, how? I have seen the function, where you can plot the expression of certain genes, in the resulting graph normal tissue is shown aswell, but where does the data derive from?

I´m a total new to this field since i´ve just recently got involved into a bioinformatics project! I was already looking at various Tutorials , but I haven´t found the answer for that question yet? So mabye someone is able to answer that question!

Thanks in Advance

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Posted: 1 month ago

Ron Rotkopf

Staff member at Weizmann Institute

The best way to work with this data is to download it, and then you're free to use any software you like. For instance, you can download the clinical data and the mRNA data for a certain cohort as separate files, merge them and go on from there. If you just want to compare primary tumor to healthy tissue, note that in TCGA, the barcode for primary tumor is "01", and for healthy tissue it is "11".

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Posted: 1 month ago