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 by Lukas Höfig, Frederik


SciFlow allows all co-authors to collaborate within one platform - without the e-mail and version chaos. References, figures, equations and tables are immediately accessible for everyone. Focus on the text, not the formatting. SciFlow delivers exactly what researchers need for publishing. SciFlow offers templates from publishers, conferences and universities.


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Lukas Höfig

Staff member at SciFlow

Mendeley integration is live Oval 17

Hello everyone,

I hope you've started well into 2018. I know that we have. We've recently integrated one of LabWorm's other most popular tools for researchers, Mendeley, into the SciFlow App. Odds are, if you know SciFlow, you've at least heard of Mendeley but here's a link to their LabWorm page and website. :)



Mendeley is a reference management software that allows researchers to keep and manage their references in one place. By integrating Mendeley into SciFlow, our authors can now connect their library to SciFlow and immediately cite from their references by dragging and dropping from a sidebar in the SciFlow App.

Additionally, we've made citing Mendeley collaborative for the first time.

Learn more about our Mendeley integration at https://www.sciflow.net/mendeley

Looking forward to seeing you in SciFlow,

Lukas Höfig

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Posted: 11 months ago

Hi Lukas,

Nice job with SciFlow :sunglasses: any chance of adding support for Zotero citations as well (for us open-source advocates) ?


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Posted: 11 months ago

Lukas Höfig

Staff member at SciFlow

Thanks for the reply!

We're working on integrating Zotero in an automated way as we have with Mendeley.

However, you can already use Zotero citations in SciFlow, by exporting your references as a bibTeX or CSL file. You can then easily import them into SciFlow in the Reference Tab and work with them the same as Mendeley citations.

Best regards,


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Posted: 11 months ago
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