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 by kademorton


Aletheia is a peer to peer (P2P) publishing platform and database all rolled into one. You can submit original scientific research or existing non copyrighted research to help build up the Aletheia library, and you can access their library to download articles, all free of charge!


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The Aletheia Project Oval 17

Aletheia was created to be a legal, community run version of Sci-Hub. It's a decentralised system using IPFS and Ethereum for document and information storage, providing an alternativet to the prestige system of paywall journals by tracking personal reputation and the reputation of papers through citiations. Aletheia allows community participation through a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation), that allows people to perform peer reviews of papers and vote on matters that impact the platform.

Project onboarding page: https://github.com/aletheia-foundation/aletheia-admin
White Paper: https://github.com/aletheia-foundation/aletheia-whitepaper/blob/master/WHITE-PAPER.md
Twitter: https://twitter.com/aletheia_f
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aletheiaf/

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