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Circa genomics software

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 by Maria Nattestad


Circa is desktop software (for Mac, Windows, and Linux) that allows you to make circos plots from your genomic data. You can load in genomic data, construct a circos plot, export as a PNG (image) and SVG (for publication), and save your session for later to continue constructing the perfect circos plot. Any type of genomic data with chromosome names and positions can be plotted with Circa.


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Syed M.
Researcher at University of Malakand
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Syed M.

Researcher at University of Malakand

Circa - imput data Oval 17

The circa genomics software has input data related to chromosome numbers.......I am interested to use the software for viral genome which lack chromosome. I would appreciate helping me out to be able to give input data in place of chromosomal data

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Posted: 10 months ago
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