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Discover the best online tools to assist you in research


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 by Thomas Crouzier

Suggested by: Alon Vitenshtein


I often feel like academic research is stuck in the 1990s, when emails and word processors were the only tools we had to communicate. This is 2016, where are the Facebooks, the Kickstarters, the Google Docs for researchers?

Web-based tools for researcher do exist! You just might not know about them. Research-orientated social networking sites, tools to support scientific research, to manage labs and data, and to better communicate have been multiplying over the past years. These tools could change the way we do research. But the adoption rate is still slow, partly due to the lack of awareness.

This blog keeps readers updated on new services, provide short reviews and keeps an extensive list of web-based tools for researchers.


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Ofir Bachar
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How can i post a new tool?


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Posted: 4 years ago
Alon Vitenshtein
Co-founder of LabWorm
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Alon Vitenshtein

Co-founder of LabWorm

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Guys, this is fantastic resource. Similarly to LabWorm, Thomas Crouzier established ConnectedResearchers to help life science researchers navigate the chaos of online resources. Thomas blogs about, reviews, and offers his insights on the latest online resources life science researchers should all be aware of. Check it out!

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Posted: 5 years ago
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