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CRISPR design

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The CRISPR design tool is a web tool crafted to simplify the process of CRISPR guide selection in an input DNA sequence by (i) discovering possible offtargets genome-wide, (ii) highlighting guides with high target specificity, and (iii) flagging guides with numerous or genic offtargets in target genomes.

Works with spCas9 (most commonly used Cas, utilizes the PAM "NGG" or "NAG"

Input 250bp's to find possible guide RNA or guide RNA (Nikase) pairs. Available for the following organisms:

human (hg19)
mouse (mm9)
zebrafish (danRer7)
c. elegans (ce10)
rat (rn5)
fly (dm3)
rabbit (oryCun2)
pig (susScr3)
possum (monDom5)
chicken (galGal4)
a. thaliana (tair10)
dog (canFam3)
mosquito (Aedes aegypti) (aAegL2)
mosquito (Anopheles gambiae) (aGamP3)
stickleback (gasAcu1)
zebrafish (GRCz10)


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