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 by charles.parnot, Alexander Griekspoor

Suggested by: Alon Vitenshtein


Findings is your lab notebook, reinvented.
Findings is an “electronic lab notebook”, mostly targeted at researchers and scientists. It is meant to address a fundamental part of the scientific workflow, that was traditionally the job of paper notebooks. No sound science exists without a proper lab journal, and we think Findings can give a big boost to this process and change how researchers work.
- Organize your experiments, effortlessly.
- Plan and prepare your week in no time.
- Keep track of your progress.
- Attach results, never lose a file.
- Collaborate and share with your colleagues.
- Manage your protocols.
- Sync all your Mac and iOS devices.


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New Findings, version 2: All your research, in one place Oval 17

A new version of Findinds was just released, adding a bunch of new features (meeting and research notes, collections to organize your entries, automatic journal creation, a new Resources menu for frequently accesssed documents, and more). Check the new website: http://findingsapp.com

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Posted: 3 years ago
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