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 by Deepika Kassen


FutSci is an innovative platform to complement funding for Research, Innovation and Technology in Life Science. At FutSci, accredited researchers and scientists can post any project in need of funding, at any stage, and donors can select the individual projects they wish to support, with donations in multiple currencies starting as low as £1 and no upper limit. All projects will be vetted prior to going live on the platform.


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Deepika Kassen
Founder at FutSci
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Deepika Kassen

Founder at FutSci

10 reasons to crowdfund your science research Oval 17

We posted this one recently on our site - worth a quick read if you are considering using crowdfunding for your research. Crowdfunding for Life Science Research can be so much more than just a way to raise money! Would be great to hear what you think.

1. You’re starting a conversation with a public
Starting a crowdfunding campaign is an excellent opportunity for the public to ask you about your work. Show your enthusiasm for your subject and you will be rewarded.

2. Crowdfunding your science gives you a global audience
Yes global, but it’s all in the planning. Make sure your message is focused. Use social media outlets to get your message around the world.

3. Crowdfunding is a means of funding innovative research
The sky’s the limit when it comes to what can be funded! Use crowdfunding to fund your blue sky theory, pilot data for that next big grant, fund your university spin-off, do some market research for your Start-up or even fund an entire research project.

4. Research crowdfunding promotes transparency
Donors know exactly who is behind each campaign. They are encouraged to engage with you (and you with them) and they know exactly how their money is being used.

5. Crowdfunding supports researchers at all levels, particularly early career scientists
It’s a level playing field, you can crowdfund at any stage of your career. Use the crowdfunding campaign to build a base of supporters for your research

6. You raise awareness of the scope of your research
You know your research backwards and can recite the key papers in your sleep. Does anybody care? This is your opportunity to tell everyone about your work and why it’s important in the bigger scheme of things.

7. Crowdfunding complements traditional research funding avenues
Crowdfunding should be a tool in your toolbox of funding. Use it to match fund, top-up, pilot fund your research or just as THE fund. The way you use research crowdfunding is only limited by your ingenuity!

8. It opens your science to the World of collaborations
Crowdfunding happens at a global level and this opens doors you may not have known existed. Think locally, nationally and internationally when you’re planning your campaign.

9. Discover your transferable skills
You’ve heard about those mystical transferable skills. They are real and they will come in really handy when you’re crowdfunding your research. Surprise yourself!

10. Become social media savvy
We live a connected world. If you haven’t already, NOW, is the time to get online and make social media work for your research crowdfunding campaign.

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Posted: 4 years ago
Jack Hill
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It is an interesting idea, but I worry that it might not get very far, since the return on investment is much less tangible or immediate than with projects backed on Kickstarter or other similar platforms. The outcome of years of research and millions of dollars can often be pretty small advances in knowledge. For non-scientists, I cannot imagine that this would be a very satisfying method of investment, versus giving directly to a lab or institute you know is capable of delivering solid outcomes.

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Posted: 4 years ago
Deepika Kassen
Founder at FutSci
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Deepika Kassen

Founder at FutSci

Hi Jack, thanks for joining the discussion. You raise very pertinent points. I believe crowdfunding needs to be used to complement traditional funding streams, one of the 'tools' in the funding kit, if it is to be long lived. Perhaps something like funding a pilot study to get data for a bigger grant or even match/top-up or bridge funding as well as being THE fund. It also lends itself to public engagement which increases public trust and transparency of science funding. For university spin-offs it could be the fund to start a small enterprise and the way to do some market research. All in the way you use it.

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Posted: 4 years ago
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