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Google Genomics

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 by Allen Day

Suggested by: Roy Granit


Ask bigger questions by efficiently processing up to petabytes of genomic data

Google Genomics offers cloud based storage and analysis tools developed specifically for genomic data.

Main features include:

Our implementation of the open standard from the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health is interoperable across multiple genome repositories and it’s backed by Google technologies like Bigtable and Spanner.

Fully Integrated
Google’s cloud infrastructure for your bioinformatics needs, including fast virtual machines, scalable storage, and a choice of fully managed SQL and NoSQL databases like Bigtable and Datastore.

Security & Compliance
Covered by our HIPAA Business Associates Agreement. Available via FedRAMP ATO for the National Cancer Institute Cancer Cloud Pilots.

Real-time Data Processing
Genomic data processing and analysis in real-time with BigQuery, in literate programming style with Cloud Datalab, in batch with GATK on Google Genomics, with Apache Spark or Cloud Dataflow, or with a Grid Engine cluster.

High Scalability
You can load up petabytes of sequence reads, variants, references, and annotations, and process them all efficiently.


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