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 by ben.222

Suggested by: Luis Miguel Montilla


Fast & free, one-click access to millions of research papers.

Save time
One-click access to PDFs. No more VPNs, login forms, redirects, frantic Googling and chasing broken links.

Jump over paywalls
Automatically search university library subscriptions, pre-print servers, institutional repositories and private blogs for free PDFs.

Work off campus
Take your university library with you wherever you go; at home, at conferences, on the beach.

Keep for later
Kopernio automagically files away the PDFs you read in your own private Kopernio locker. Come back and read them again later, anywhere, anytime

Integrates with Google Scholar and Pubmed.


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Euler Alves
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Rebranded Oval 17

It is the former Canary Haz (https://labworm.com/tool/canary-haz) rebranded as Kopernio

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Posted: 4 years ago
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