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 by Marketing AgileBio, Sarah Rodrigues

Suggested by: Yoav Bauman


Welcome to LabCollector,

LabCollector helps laboratories to optimize their traceability and management, enhancing experiment reproducibility and maintaining a smooth WorkFlow in the lab.
Imagine to find the reageant you want or your frozen cell lines with just few clicks? LabCollector is more than an inventory is a All-in-One Management tool, going from inventory management to the Electronic Lab Notebook, to WorkFlow management, Lab Service Manager and much more!
We know that each lab has his specific needs, LabCollector is built on a modular solution. You can just choose the modules you need!

With more than 650 labs worldwide that use LabCollector in a range of applications in academia as in industry.

Try it for free at www.labcollector.com !!


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