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LiteMol Viewer

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 by David Sehnal

Suggested by: Adva Yeheskel


LiteMol is a web tool for visualization of molecular structures, particularly macromolecules. It is designed to be user-friendly yet flexible, interactive, and very fast even for extremely large protein structures. LiteMol can be run directly from your web browser.


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calvin lee

PhD student

Finally, an alternative to PyMol! Oval 17

I've long been frustrated with PyMol and was looking for alternatives - now I think I finally found it! I love the fact that LiteMol is online and can be used from any computer, also love the intuitive interface. Kudos to the people that created it!

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Posted: 1 year ago

David Sehnal

Research Fellow at Central European Institute of Technology

@calvin.lee:u There is still some way to go before this is a "full" PyMol alternative, but working on it :)

Glad you like it.

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Posted: 1 year ago
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