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Massive Science Consortium

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 by Gabriel Stein


The Massive Science Consortium is the first group of its kind, combining hands-on training in writing about science with a cutting-edge digital media outlet. We encourage anyone working in science who wants more outreach opportunities to apply. Once you’re accepted, you’ll get free access to the training program we’ve developed with scientists around the country. It’s a practical, brass-tacks program designed to help you write about scientific concepts for general audiences. It includes instruction in identifying stories, writing exercises, multiple rounds of editing, 1:1 feedback from professional editors and before-and-after surveys to gauge effectiveness. Once you’ve completed training, we’ll publish your initial work on our site, and you’ll be able to pitch future articles or take assignments. We’ll pay you for articles we publish and continually help you improve and develop new skills. The only requirement to stay active is that you publish or edit something roughly once a month. That’s just the beginning. Over time we’ll be adding more benefits, like training in editing, audience development and multimedia, partnerships with other media outlets and communication programs, and special events for members.


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Gabriel Stein

Co-founder at Massive Science Inc.

Creator, here Oval 17

We created the Consortium to help scientists get real-world training and experience writing about their work for the public. I'm happy to answer any and all questions.

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Posted: 1 year ago

Really cool concept! how do you plan to spread these publications out to the general public?

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Posted: 1 year ago

Gabriel Stein

Co-founder at Massive Science Inc.

Thanks Sara! Making sure these articles get read and appreciated by lots of people is the reason we exist. To be blunt: we believe audience development is a place where a lot of well meaning scicomm groups fall short, which is why we've structured ourselves as a media company. Our mission, business model, etc. won't work unless we reach a big audience. We're going to do this in a few ways.

First and foremost, we're developing our own audience of science enthusiasts who love reading articles on Massive. My background is in audience development at media companies like Upworthy, and we'll be using all the techniques from those places – great accompanying graphics, a/b testing of headlines, social media distribution, targeted mailing lists, etc. – to build a highly engaged audience of our own who read and share articles Members publish.

In addition to that effort (and as our audience grows), we're developing syndication partnerships with established publications. As an example, we've already had a video we produced syndicated by The Atlantic (https://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/518970/dark-matter-animated/) and Business Insider (http://www.businessinsider.com/janna-levin-explains-dark-matter-2017-3). We're able to pursue these partnerships because we work with scientists to produce compelling stories, not just summaries. Stories are what the public responds to, what other media companies want to publish, and what our audience engages with.

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Posted: 1 year ago
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