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Network repository

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Suggested by: Luis Miguel Montilla


Network repository is the first interactive data and network repository with real-time analytics. Network repository is not only the first interactive repository, but also the largest network and graph data repository with over 500+ donations. This large comprehensive collection of network graph data is useful for making significant research findings as well as benchmark data sets for a wide variety of applications and domains (e.g., network science, bioinformatics, machine learning, data mining, physics, and social science) and includes relational, attributed, heterogeneous, streaming, spatial, and time series data as well as non-relational machine learning data. All data sets are easily downloaded into a standard consistent format. We also have built a multi-level interactive graph analytics engine that allows users to visualize the structure of the networks as well as macro-level graph statistics as well as important micro-level properties of the nodes and edges.


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chaya devi
Researcher at Federal Network Agency
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chaya devi

Researcher at Federal Network Agency

Network repository Oval 17

Very clearly explained about network repository...thanks for the article...

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Posted: 1 year ago
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