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Open Knowledge Maps

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 by Open Knowledge Maps team

Suggested by: Naveh Shetrit


OK-maps are creating a visual interface to the world's scientific knowledge that can be used by anyone in order to dramatically improve the discoverability of research results. OK-maps are going to provide a large-scale system of open, interactive and interlinked knowledge maps spanning all fields of research. OK-maps will develop a space for collective knowledge organisation and exploration, connecting researchers, students, librarians, journalists, practitioners and citizens.


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Dⓐsapta Erwin
Researcher at Institut Teknologi Bandung
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Dⓐsapta Erwin

Researcher at Institut Teknologi Bandung

OK maps to narrow keywords Oval 17

We know that extracting infos from Google Scholar is not painless. But for people who don't have access to commercial database like Scopus or WoS, GS is one of the go to tool for their research. But now, they have Open Knowledge Maps @OK_Maps to narrow their choice of keywords.

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Posted: 3 years ago
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