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Open Source CO2 Incubator

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 by Incuvers


The Incuvers Model 1 is an open source CO2 incubator. - Open hardware Arduino system - All code available on Github - Benchtop size - O2 control This incubator's hardware and software can be hacked for any experiment.


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Laura Kemp
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Does the Incuvers incubator come with HEPA filter? Oval 17

Seems like a really amazing product :sunglasses: , does it come with a HEPA filer? and what needs to be done to you keep it sterile ?


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Posted: 6 months ago
Undergraduate at Acadia University
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Undergraduate at Acadia University

It doesn't come with a HEPA filter. It's sealed so we don't have to filter air coming in. To keep it standard you just need to give it a wash with a standard cleaning solution, usually ethanol!

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Posted: 5 months ago
Laura Kemp
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@noahsamtompkins:u Thank you for your answer!

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Posted: 5 months ago
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