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 by Lucy Volland

Suggested by: Roy Granit


Opentrons... we make robots for biologists. Our mission is to provide the scientific community with a common platform to easily share protocols and reproduce each other's results. Our robots automate experiments that would otherwise be done by hand, allowing our community to spend more time pursuing answers to some of the 21st century’s most important questions.


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Lucy Volland

Other at Opentrons

Goodbye sore thumbs, Hello pipetting robot! Oval 17

@opentrons robots start at only $3,000 - making liquid handling automation accessible to life-science labs of all sizes. Hundreds of labs around the world utilize @opentrons flexible hardware & software to increase efficiency in a large variety of workflows. PCR sample prep & Bradford Assays are common use cases, but our open-source platform means the possibilities are endless. Exercise your brain, not your thumb! Email info@opentrons.com for more information.

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Posted: 1 year ago

Roy Granit

Co-founder at LabWorm

Hi Lucy, thanks for the intro, seems like a really innovative robot!!

Since the robot uses a 'regular' pipette I assume there is no option of liquid sensing.. (unlike expensive robots) does that cause any issues with accuracy? is there a way to overcome this ?

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Posted: 1 year ago

Lucy Volland

Other at Opentrons

Hi @rgranit:u Thanks for the inquiry! Our robots allow for precise pipetting anywhere inside a well, using our API and user-friendly app. Liquid level can be traced by calculating volume in your Python script with basic geometry formulas. With this method you can be very precise about where you contact the liquid meniscus, without requiring expensive pipette tips! Our team is always available to help answer questions like this, and will even write custom protocols for robot users. For more details on our API specifically, please see http://docs.opentrons.com.

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Posted: 1 year ago