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 by alex


PaperHive is a tool for collaborative reading.

Research and innovation are chain reactions of collaboration. But collaboration has rarely been a part of the reading process. Researchers spend 12-25 hours a week with some of the most complex documents alone. It’s no surprise that time is often wasted trying to decipher jargon and complicated methods while often repeating others’ mistakes.

Reading collaboratively on paperhive.org allows researchers and students to discuss articles and books online while enriching them at the same time. Readers can attach questions, opinions, links, and figures directly in the margin of the original text where everyone can benefit from their contributions. Scattered conversations around academic texts transform into documented and citable parts of the academic literature. Experts benefit from the feedback of their colleagues, discover relevant content, and increase the visibility of their own work. Collaboration is the future of reading, in both higher education and research.


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