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 by Jordan Anaya

Suggested by: Roy Granit


PrePubMed indexes preprints from PeerJ Preprints, Figshare, bioRxiv, and F1000Research. PrePubMed provides links to the the article at the respective site.


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Alon Vitenshtein
Co-founder of LabWorm
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Alon Vitenshtein

Co-founder of LabWorm

Preprint journals are the future of publishing Oval 17

Publishing data in preprint journals is bringing the future of scientific publishing. No more neverending, subjective, reviewing by 2-3 biased reviewers that can hold vital data hostage for years. Instead, data is shared with the world instantaneously and the merit is judged by the whole community. Prepubmed presents all the preprint articles from the available sources to give the scientific community and the public immediate access to the most cutting edge scientific discoveries. This is an important platform to help hasten the much needed overhaul and reform to the way science is published. Good luck!

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Posted: 5 years ago
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