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 by Alex Hodgson


ReadCube develops software to make the world of research more accessible and connected - serving researchers, publishers, academic and commercial organizations. ​ ​ReadCube's web, desktop, and mobile reference management apps, including ReadCube and Papers brands, dramatically improve the way research find, organize, read, share, and cite research literature.

ReadCube Desktop for Mac/PC ( Free):
ReadCube Desktop helps you organize your literature, quickly discover new articles with search engines and recommendation features, offers improved reading with PDF enhancements and helps you cite in your next paper. The ReadCube Desktop is available for both Mac and PC.

ReadCube PRO (readcube.com/pro)
Upgrade your personal ReadCube account with advanced features including:
- Sync and access your library across devices (including web, desktop and mobile apps).
- Unlimited cloud storage for your PDF library including PDFs, highlights, notes & supplements.
- Advanced article metrics including citation history and Mentions.
- Advanced file management enabling you to customize how your local PDF library files are organized locally and named.
- #Tagging for adding custom keywords to articles for faster filtering and advanced organization.
- Watch folders enabling the auto-importing of articles from specific folders on your desktop.
- Web library access so you can access any paper in your library from any browser.
- 1-click downloads via our Chrome Extension for faster importing while you browse the Web.

ReadCube for Teams (readcube.com/teams)
Teams combines all the functionality from ReadCube PRO but also allows your team to collaborate and share articles within the group and maintain an easily accessible group library.

- Unlimited team storage space
- Shareable reading lists and group collections for both references and PDFs
- Capture & retain shared knowledge across your group through shared article annotations & notes
- Personal and team library features all in a single tool
- Sharable team #tags
- Easy setup and management


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Roopesh Singh
Post-doc at Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Roopesh Singh

Post-doc at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Why I love Readcube Oval 17

Readcube is really great. the search new literature based on your interest and library is wonderful... The great part is that it download the full text sometimes also from the alternative sources...:)

upvotecomment_icon_normal 7 upvotes 1 comments Reply
Posted: 3 years ago
Euler Alves
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Indeed I was surprised by this no disclosed resource

upvotecomment_icon_normal 1 upvotes Reply
Posted: 2 years ago
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