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 by Vlad Gunther

Suggested by: Roy Granit


ScienceRoot combines the needs of every researcher, scientist and academic into one massive Blockchain integrated platform. With the help of Ethereum Smart Contracts and IPFS, ScienceRoot is the most efficient, intuitive and transparent ecosystem to date. It will host a journal, collaboration and funding platform.


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James Morris
Post-doc at University of East Anglia
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James Morris

Post-doc at University of East Anglia

What is it? Oval 17

But what does this do? This sounds like a collection of buzzwords without an obvious purpose or problem to solve.

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Posted: 3 years ago
Alexandru Ionut
Researcher at University of Vienna
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Alexandru Ionut

Researcher at University of Vienna

First, it will be a place where you can find collaborators as a scientist (people from the same area of study) with whom you could potentially partner up to write a paper. Let's say you have an idea about a material you are working on, but you lack the technical means to investigate it. Scienceroot will enable you to search and contact someone which has the tools and works on similar topics as you do.
Second, the funding platform will enable you to search for funding opportunities which are suitable for your field/country. You won't need to search and waste time anymore on multiple websites for all sorts of offers. They will all be listed into one place.
Third, it will host a new model of academic journals which will be reward the authors and reviewers involved.
You'll find more information regarding the project on http://www.scienceroot.com (check the whitepaper) under Resources.

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Posted: 3 years ago
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