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 by Weiqiang Zhou


SCRAT is a Single-Cell Regulome Analysis Toolbox with a graphical user interface, for studying cell heterogeneity using single-cell regulome data. SCRAT can be used to conveniently summarize regulatory activities according to different features (e.g., gene sets, transcription factor binding motif sites, etc.). Using these features, users can identify cell subpopulations in a heterogeneous biological sample, infer cell identities of each subpopulation, and discover distinguishing features such as gene sets and transcription factors that show different activities among subpopulations.


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Weiqiang Zhou
Post-doc at Johns Hopkins University
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Weiqiang Zhou

Post-doc at Johns Hopkins University

Local installation Oval 17

SCRAT can also be installed to your own computer as an R package which has the same UI as the online version! Check it out here: https://github.com/zji90/SCRAT

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Posted: 3 years ago
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