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 by Anurag Priyam

Suggested by: Roy Granit


SequenceServer is a tool that lets you rapidly set up a BLAST+ server for individual use or for sharing datasets with colleagues and community. Its minimalist, modern and thoughtful design lets you focus on the Biology and getting things done. SequenceServer is free and open source.

SequenceServer has been used for research on emerging model organisms (e.g., sea cucumber, starfish, falcons, Hessian fly, sugar-apple tree, Streptocarpus rexii), and for research in bioadhesion and environmental microbiology. SequenceServer is a main querying mechanism for several community databases (e.g., Drosophila suzukii, planarians, birch and ash tree, Amborella, echinoderms, Fusarium, ants, butterfly), and is also used as an educational resource.


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