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 by Aleksandra Pawlik


Stencila provides a set of open-source software components enabling reproducible research within the tool of your choice. Stencila allows you to write reproducible documents containing interactive source code using the interfaces you are most familiar with. Stencila components can be combined in various ways and plugged into existing reproducible infrastructure.


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Aleksandra Pawlik
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eLife Innovation article about Stencila Oval 17

eLife Innovation published a comprehensive article about Stencila. You can read it here https://elifesciences.org/labs/c496b8bb/stencila-an-office-suite-for-reproducible-research?utm_source=labworm&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=stencila

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Posted: 3 years ago
Roy Granit
Co-founder at LabWorm
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Roy Granit

Co-founder at LabWorm

We're glad to host this story on Stencila also on our blog - https://labworm.com/blog/stencila-an-office-suite-for-reproducible-research/'>https://labworm.com/blog/stencila-an-office-suite-for-reproducible-research/'>https://labworm.com/blog/stencila-an-office-suite-for-reproducible-research/'>https://labworm.com/blog/stencila-an-office-suite-for-reproducible-research/ :pencil:

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Posted: 3 years ago
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