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Surface Forces Apparatus

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The Surface Forces Apparatus (SFA) was created by Jacob Israelachvili in 2002. The SFA 2000 and uSFA are fully customizable solutions for research in surface forces. They are capable of simultaneous quantitative measurements of both physical (including electrical) and chemical interactions between two surfaces close together from the macro‐ to the subnano‐scale, and under both static and dynamic conditions. The SFA 2000 and uSFA and only available from SurForce.


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Administrative at SurForce
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Administrative at SurForce

Benefits of the SFA Oval 17

1) Provides the absolute measured separation distance, local surface shape profiles, exact contact area, and the refractive index of the material between surfaces.
2) Well-suited to dynamic or non-equilibrium interactions.
3) Proven valuable in research on polymers, adhesives, wear, lubricants, corrosion, friction, adsorption, and more.
4) Research, training, and maintenance are available anywhere from SurForce (http://www.SurForceLLC.com).

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