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 by Lindsey, Risham Dhillon

Suggested by: Yoav Bauman


Mission control for R&D. TetraScience connects your existing lab instruments to a single online dashboard where you can manage experiments and access data. You can easily connect the dots between data, insights, and outcomes.


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Thomas Weissman
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Examples? Oval 17

I really like the concept of IOT. What kind of lab instruments can I use it for? What's the most popular use you would suggest and how much does it cost?

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Posted: 5 years ago
John Wong
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The obvious use case, which they also suggest, would be to monitor fluctuations in freezer and incubator temperatures as wells as CO2 levels. But I wonder how versatile the options are for tracking various more non-standard lab equipment, let's say peristaltic pumps (I would personally find it very useful to control such equipment from the comfort of my home)?

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Posted: 5 years ago
Steve McCoy
Other at TetraScience
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Steve McCoy

Other at TetraScience

Hi Thomas and John. This is Steve from TetraScience. We have a number of instruments enabled now (250 ), but our technology is designed so that we can quickly enable any instruments. For example, we already have enabled a Cole-Parmer syringe pump withe remote control features, but if there was another pump that you’d like to remote control, we’d be able to do so. Feel free to email me at smccoy@tetrascience.com with any additional questions.

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Posted: 5 years ago
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