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 by Omer Basha


TissueNet is a human tissue protein-protein interaction (PPI) database. While PPIs are accessible through several PPI databases, not all proteins that potentially interact are actually co-expressed. TissueNet enables users to retrieve those pairs of interacting proteins that are expressed in the same tissue. To this end we integrated data of experimentally detected PPIs with recent data of gene and protein expression across 16 main human tissues. PPI data were obtained from four major databases (BioGRID, DIP, IntAct and MINT), currently resulting in 67,439 PPIs between 11,225 proteins. Tissue-profiling data were compiled from three extensive compendia based on DNA microarrays (Su et al, PNAS 2004), protein immunehistochemistry (Berglund et al, Mol Cell Proteomics 2008) and RNA-sequencing techniques (Bradley et al, PLoS Bio 2012). Users can query TissueNet using a protein and retrieve its PPI partners per tissue, or using a PPI and retrieve the tissues expressing both pair-mates. The output is presented graphically using Cytoscape Web plug-in and as text. The TissueNet database is freely available.


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