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Suggested by: Roy Granit


UCSC Xena allows you to securely analyze and visualize your private functional genomics data set in the context of public and shared genomic/phenotypic data sets.


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Aurel Anzinger

Undergraduate at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

difference between log2 (norm_value+1) and log2 (norm_count+1) in Xenabrowser Dataset Oval 17

Hi there!

At the time i´m working with downloaded Datasets of the Xenabrowser; Expressiondata of Chemokines, on the on Hand derived from the TCGA Dataset and on the other hand derived from the Target-TCGA-Gtex Dataset!
As it came to my knowledge, when i was about to plot them in Graphpad Prism on my own, the Data log2 (norm_value 1) shifts compared to the Data normalised log2(norm_count 1). Does anybody know what´s the difference between those two normalizations? Are there differences or is it just mathematically? Thanks for your help


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Posted: 1 month ago

Roy Winters

Research Fellow at University of Melbourne

@Aurel.Anzinger.834:u I believe that the 'count' option refers to the raw counts, while 'norm means normalized counts (meaning the data was normalized to allow comparison between samples)

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Posted: 1 month ago
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