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Suggested by: Alon Vitenshtein


An easy to use set of statistical tools for all of the researchers statistical needs. Includes a very wide assortment of tools and filled with rich explanations. Some of tools included are:

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA): One-way ANOVA, Two-way ANOVA, and additional variations depending on the Factors.

Utilities: such as calculators, randomizer, data transformations, converters, and more.

Clinical research calculators: A wide range of options here including prevalence, sensitivity, specificity, Kaplan-Meir survival, and more

Probabilities: Checking randomness, testing sequential sampling, and other options

Testing all the distributions: Such as Binomial, Poisson, Chi-squared, t-distributions, and the rest


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Sara Belmonte
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Finally a useful website for statistics! Oval 17

Super useful website for statistics! I really liked how every test is provided with a short and to the point review.. also cool to have non-parametric tests that normally require expensive software like Matlab or SPSS.

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Posted: 4 years ago
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